On the feast day of Saint Benedict, July 11 2019, the Abbey of Montecassino is glad to announce the beginning of a fundraising campaign to support the work maintenance on the ancient PAX entrance. In 529 San Benedetto chosethis mountain to build a monastery that hosted him and those monks who followed him from Subiaco. Every day thousands of pilgrims and visitors from all over the world cross the threshold of the Abbey. Upon arrival the large "PAX" sign welcomes visitors. From that door came the monks and civilians who took refuge in the lower part of the monastery and who, in this way, could save themselves from the aerial bombardment of 1944. Many others, instead, died under the bombs. The flooring of the ancient entrance is currently threatened by the progress of time and the lack of public funds. Hence the need to stop deterioration. In the square in front The PAX door, which is the symbol of the monastery, is in fact clearly visible a swelling and a detachment of the “sampietrini” (the typical stones of the floor) because of the internal damages. This is a stretch of paving that is impractical and in need of a small architectural maintenance program. The objective to reach for the architectural maintenance campaign of the flooring of the ancient entrance is € 15,000. What war and human madness haven’t destroyed with bombs, cannot perish now under the progress of time. The restoration will ensure a future for the precious portal and the flooring in front. The hope is that as many people could become "angels" of this campaign for the maintenance of the ancient "PAX" entrance by supporting and donating through the crowdfunding platform To know the campaign:

Also known as the Pilgrim's entrance, because it is here that the monks welcomed the pilgrims who were following the path from the city below, the original entrance to Montecassino dating back to the medieval period. Its medieval vault is still visible today with the word "PAX" written in front, which means 'PEACE'. As the main entrance it was also used to access on horseback and directly reach the Chiostro of Bramante. HISTORY. In 529 St. Benedict chose this mountain to build a monastery that would house him and those monks who followed him from Subiaco. Paganism was still present, but he managed to transform this place into a well-structured Christian monastery where everyone could have the dignity he deserved, through prayer and work. Over the centuries the Abbey has known magnificence and destruction many times and has always been reborn stronger from its ruins. In 577 the Longobards destroyed it, then in 883 the Saracens. In 1349 there was a terrible earthquake and in February 1944 a bombing almost destroyed it. "Ora et Labora et Lege": this is the motto of the Rule of Saint Benedict that the monks still follow in their daily routine: some study in the library surrounded by old books, or do research in the archive on wonderful manuscripts, others welcome guests that come searching of a moment of inner peace and serenity. And if you are visiting the Abbey, you could meet some who take a walk in the cloisters before returning to their cells to pray in solitude, or to meet later for common prayer. Every day thousands of pilgrims and visitors from all over the world cross this threshold. They quietly cross the cloisters and then climb the great staircase to the Basilica, to the tombs of Saint Benedict and Saint Scolastica. Then there is the crypt below, to be discovered with the beautiful golden mosaics. But it is in the museum that visitors can finally see magnificent paintings, wonderful manuscripts and ancient books; they can trace the history of the Abbey from its beginnings to the present and understand why Montecassino is known as the "Lighthouse of Western Civilization".
Upon arrival the large inscription "Pax" welcomes visitors; from that door came the monks and civilians saved for having taken refuge in the lower part of the basilica that resisted the bombing. Other people were less lucky. The battle of Montecassino was one of the most important military operations of the Second World War. Also known as the Battle for Rome, it was not a single battle but rather a series of military assaults by the Allies against the Germans, which began on January 17 and ended in late May 1944. Montecassino played a central role in this battle not only because the allied intelligence suspected that the German artillery units were using the Abbey as a valid point of observation, but also because it was in a strategic position useful to be able to advance on the German defensive and enter a heavily occupied Rome. The loss of life was enormous in this controversial operation, with the Allies losing 55,000 men and about 20,000 German soldiers injured and killed. Before the battle began, German officer Captain Maximilian Becker and Lt. Col. Austrian Julius Schlegel had arranged for all the artifacts, archives and library documents and numerous other immeasurable treasures to be secured in Vatican City in Rome. It took months for the huge operation to be completed and hundreds of men and monks to escort the whole. After the end of the war, the abbot Ildefonso Rea headed the project to rebuild Montecassino exactly where it had been before, in all its previous glory and to bring back all the precious objects and documents that had been kept in the Vatican during the war. The resurrected Abbey was consecrated in 1964 by Pope Paul VI. Currently the flooring at the base of the ancient entrance is threatened by the progress of time, the lack of public funds and the need to stop deterioration. The symbolic square "PAX" is the symbolic door of the monastery, as the main historical entrance leading to the Bramantesco cloister and which requires today, a small architectural maintenance program. Partially unreachable due to a landslide, a swelling and consequent detachment of the sampietrini is clearly visible, caused by internal damage, which therefore makes the paving impractical.


The architectural maintenance project of the paving of the ancient entrance involves a thorough scientific investigation to discover the actual internal state. The study and works will be conducted by a team of specialized technicians, who will use non-invasive methods. Each sampietrino will be low-cut, the underlying shelf will be redone with the relative fixing, the same material will be used and finally the same sampietrini will be reorganized in the orders, carefully removed initially. Unfortunately, the continuing crisis of access to public funding, due to the state economic crisis, the many expenses already present in the Abbey, necessarily require the help of individuals because the works so extraordinary and unforeseen require precisely to take action immediately. JOIN THE ABBEY AND ADOPT A SAN PIETRINO. The objective to reach for the architectural maintenance campaign of the flooring of the ancient entrance is € 15,000.00: the costs of the restoration amount to approximately € 13,000.00, the remaining € 2,000.00 represent the contribution for the production of the material of communication and campaign management. Regardless of the amount raised during the crowdfunding campaign, at the end of the established time, all offers will be used for maintenance. In case of fundraising higher than the target, everything will be used for the restoration of the wooden statue of the Madonna with Child or for the restoration of the floors in the Crypt and in the chapel of San Martino. So why is it all extremely important? Because what war and human madness have failed to destroy with bombs, must not perish now under the advance of time, restoration will ensure this precious portal "the future". Become an "angel", join the campaign for the maintenance of the ancient "PAX" entrance. How can the "Adotta un Sampietrino" campaign be supported? Simple, in the way you like and choosing from those proposed: first of all, however, it is necessary to support the project on the platform with a few consecutive steps: 1) Register or log in; 2) Choose on the homepage or in the projects section "PAX: ADOTTA UN SAMPIETRINO"; 3) Click on the button Support Now; 4) Choose for how much to sustain with a promise of donation; 5) You will have our infinite gratitude !!! After that, the choice is yours: you will receive from the address This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. instructions with the channels to make the donation or other types of support.
REWARDS: for A donation of € 10,00 : we will send you some nice souvenir gadgets; for € 20.00 received: we will send you nice shirts (size of your choice) with the PAX logo; for € 50.00: we will send you a precious ebook published on the occasion of the 75th year of the limited edition Bombardment during the Second World War; for € 100.00: we will send you a book with the collection of Favotto's drawings; for € 500.00 received you will adopt 1 Sampietrino: we will ensure that it bears your name; for € 1,000.00 received you will adopt 3 Sampietrini: we will ensure that they bear your name. For more information visit the site


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