The holy sepulcher of St. Benedict and St. Scholastica can be found inside the reconstructed cathedral of Montecassino. A 17th century painting on copper by the artist Giuseppe Cesari , portraying the two Saints resting marks the tomb behind the High Altar. Above the copper painting is a black marble scroll with an inscription in Latin by the abbot Angelo della Noce saying: St. Benedict and St. Scholastica were never separated in spirit during their life nor are their bodies separated in their death. Within the grave underneath the high altar, an engraved marble cover on top of the urn bears an inscription from 1955, after the reconstruction of Montecassino, and includes the name of the abbot Ildefonso Rea who oversaw the building project as well as the survey of the remains inside. Inside the intricately decorated bronze urn there are silver containers holding the bones of both Saints. Above the copper painting of the Saints and the black marble scroll is a delicate portrait of Our Lady, an 18th century painting attributed to Giovanni Sarnelli. It situated among ornate candle holders and on top of the intricately carved marble altar.