Last year the Abbey has hosted a photo contest in which four students participated
from the Bauer School in Milan and Marangoni Institute in Florence.

In the suggestive setting of the Abbey they were able to express their creativity
through their photos and the result was really impressive,
as the number of shots, but also as the quality and beauty of the images.

Marco Cappelletti, from Bauer in Milan has won first place in the contest
and with him we inaugurate the series of images that will be with us for a whole year.



Marco Cappelletti is a photographer of Como. Graduated from the Riccardo Bauer in
Milan, carries on his business as a photographer with a particular interest in architecture and landscape.
Alongside the work on commission he works on an ongoing personal research characterized by a look at the changes of society.

The Abbey of Montecassino is a unique and magical place, in itself fascinating and majestic at the
same time, however, is a symbol of intimacy, isolation and prayer. These elements
I tried to tell using a photographic vision. Simple elements, isolated from a context that distracts
and misleads the eye. I like to think that even the monks live in the monastery with this spirit of simplicity and
that these photographs may symbolically represent their life in prayer.

Marco Cappelleti




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