The Benedictine and Franciscan Paths

For those seeking to quite literally follow in St. Benedict's or St. Francis's footsteps, there are trails through Italy which allow you to do so. It's a very personal and emotional way to interact with and touch the very places on Earth where they once stepped foot. Both pilgrim paths visit the many churches, towns, sanctuaries and abbeys of each Saint's lives along the way. Both paths invite visitors of all kinds.

The Franciscan Path finds itself primarily in Montecassino's home region of Lazio. It features several stops at locations that St. Francis himself loved and blessed, including some Franciscan Sanctuaries and remarkable natural sites like the Beech Tree. The Franciscan Path can be traveled by foot, car, horseback, or bike and visits 8 different holy sites.

The Benedictine Way is much larger in terms of the number of suggested sites. It starts at the city of the Saint's birth, Norcia in Umbria, and winds through the regions of Umbria, Lazio and Molise. Along the way it passes by Subiaco, where St. Benedict founded his first community of separate monasteries, Rome and its surroundings, all the way to his sacred abbey of Montecassino, and ending in Molise at the influential monastery of St. Vincent.