The Franciscan Path follows the same route that the Saint once traveled through the Rieti Valley during the 13th century. The walk has 8 stops along the sacred path through Medieval Rieti where the Saint himself once visited and gave his blessings. The walk starts at Rieti and the residence of Pope Honorius III and continues on to the sanctuary of La Foresta where St. Francis may have written his Canticle of All Creatures. The walk goes on to other sanctuaries: Poggio Bustone, Greccio (where he created the first Nativity scene), and the secluded Fontecolombo where the Saint wrote the Rule of his Order. Also along the way you will see the unique Beech Tree in Rivodutri which is said to have taken its unusual shape to give shelter to St. Francis during a storm. High up on Mount Terminillo you will find the Votive Temple, an architectural marvel which holds the holy urn containing St. Francis' remains. The Franciscan Path can be traveled by foot, bike, car or even horseback.