Only a part of the Monastery wardrobe is on display in the Museum: the holy vestments worn during ceremonial liturgies are remarkable for their rich embroidery and for the beauty of the fabric used.

Two vestments are kept in the glass showcases: one in red velvet from the 15th century, donated by the Vangelli family and the other one dating back to the 16th century with the image of four saints, perhaps belonging to the pieces donated by the noblewoman Isabella Catriota in 1545.

The big red cope dating back to 1481 occupies another showcase; next to it we can find a Veil with the Trinity and Eucharistic symbols. There are also two altar frontals embroidered in Sicily: they represent Moses and Saint Benedict who welcome Totila; these are both from the 17th century and were used to adorn the altar.

Noteworthy are the vestments in dark blue velvet with the Annunciation and Saint Benedict (15th century) and two other altar frontals: one in silver datable around the end of the 18th century and one in red velvet dating back to the Renaissance.